Ron Paul Goes Over $4.2 Million Raised Mark as November 5th Ends

Ron Paul Raises Over $4 Million on 5th of November Ron Paul believes in bringing troops home from Iraq. He believes the invasion was a mistake and he believes the US owes the world an apology.

Ron Paul believes the civil liberties in America, like being able to freely gamble online, should be restored. Ron Paul believes there should be no federal income tax. Ron Paul believes in free trade, he believes in getting a government to stop policing other countries, and he believes the government should stay as far out of the lives of American citizens as possible.

Today, Americans showed their support for his views in big ways.

Ron Paul will certainly now always remember the 5th of November as upon the day’s conclusion his campaign raised more than $4.2 million dollars from more than 37,000 different contributors. That is more than Mitt Romney raised in one day in January, which was previously the top day in fundraising for a Republican candidate.

Maybe the most amazing part about the amount of money raised is that it was all raised online.

Paul’s website reports that his campaign only needs $12 million by December 31st in order to win the primaries in New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina, and Nevada. As of midnight November 6th, they were at $7.1 million and the numbers were rising quickly by the hundreds of thousands.

The money has not been reflected in the polls… yet. However, drive through any major road where billboards hang and you will learn about the serious support for Ron Paul. Check out your local college campus and you will see cars revealing a ‘Ron Paul Revolution’.

Ron Paul said on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno that it is not about Ron Paul, it’s about the message, and that message is freedom, and the message is catching on with today’s young voters like no message has since the 1960’s.

Guy Fawkes was a British mercenary who failed in his attempt to kill King James I on Nov. 5, 1605. The hero in the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ was based on the real Guy Hawkes character.

In the movie, set twenty or so years in the future, the UK government has become a complete dictatorship led by fear mongering propagandists where even the basic freedoms of being able to see beautiful art or being able to eat saturated butter have been stripped from the people in the name of protection. The people grew used to this situation and no longer even desired butter, or knew what freedom was.

The US at this point in the movie had long been a third world country in a civil war that broke out after Mideast upheaval following the US invasion of Iraq following the 911 attacks.

‘V’, the movie’s hero, in the spirit of Guy Hawkes, rallied the people in order to overthrow the government on November the 5th. ‘Always remember the 5th of November’, the hero would say.

Ron Paul and his campaign followers are in NO WAY advocating violence, but they are getting behind the spirit of the ‘V’ revolution that they feel is needed in the United States.

For the past several week’s supporters of Ron Paul have been promoting the 5th of November as the day they will let their revolution be heard by monetary means. The means have been met, it remains to be seen if the revolution will follow.

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River Belle Online Casino Wins Progressive Slots Award

The Strictly Slots magazine reader’s poll awards online casino excellence in various fields and categories. The Belle Rock online casino River Belle recently picked up the prestigious “Best Online Casino for Progressive Slots” award and placed third in three other categories; “Best Online Casino for Slots”, “Best Video Poker” and “Best Sign up Bonus”.

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River Belle Casino

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Underground splice – is a casino or gambling house that has no license to operate. The casino’s worldwide need to ensure the proper license first before they start their operation. Stay away from playing roulette in illegal casinos. The force of the police can raid the day that the establishment and you might be in it. Not only will you face humiliation but you will not be able to get your money out of that casino once the raid happens.

Vic – another term for the loser, or the victim. This is someone who always loses another player or the house. He is someone with whom the other players or the house wants to play because they earn a lot of money from him.

Vigorish – what the casino gets for each bet, whatever the cost whether the house wins or not. Roulette players know this by the term of the juice because it is what you play the casino out of the players – win or lose.

Visual wheel tracking – the ability of a roulette player to decipher where the ball will land on the roulette wheel just by looking at it as it circles the wheel.

Wager – A roulette player can refer to your bet as a wager. This is the amount of money he is willing to risk winning or losing.

Wheel – This is the most common term for the roulette wheel. So, when you are talking with friends who play roulette, you can just use the word wheel instead of the roulette wheel.

The wheel jumps – often, casino rules require you to play roulette using chips instead of money. If in poker, you have poker chips, in roulette, you have wheel chips.

Wheel recording – is determining the next result of the turn by observing or studying the wheel. The recording of the wheel can be done just by observing the patterns of results, or by recording and computing the speed of the roulette wheel.

Wheel Roll – The casino employee, who spins the roulette wheel, throws the roulette ball and handles the bets made on the roulette table. If in poker we have the poker dealer, in roulette, we have the wheel roller.

The Roulette Game

The game

Roulette is without a doubt the best known and popular game that has made the history of the casino. The game of Roulette consists of a table consists of 35 numbers plus zero, in some roulette is also the double zero, and a wheel where a ball will be launched. The launch of the ball inside of the tire will be notified by the Croupier with the phrase “Rien a plus”. When the wheel stops, the ball will settle in one of the cells that mark also present on the table numbers, establishing the outcome of the bets.


The best strategy in the game of Roulette is to risk little by covering a good portion of the table and do from time to time changes on bets observing the numbers that come out. You can play on probability and point the aking the numbers are not just emerged or groped luck ripuntando the same numbers that are repeated with some frequency. There is no mathematical certainty output of numbers although statistically a remote number already out earlier than 2 or 3 rounds and is quite unlikely to happen again. The techniques described by many users about the doubling through black and red can also work for a launch, but if you do not vary in the strategy, in the long run, they are doomed to fail. It happens quite frequently in fact that the same color also baits for 13 consecutive times.


In Roulette you can bet on several numbers simultaneously, the stakes can be:

Internal to the table

On a single number: 35/1

Of 2 numbers (split): 17/1

3 Numbers (full traversal, triple): 11 to 1

4 numbers (corner): 8 to 1

5 numbers (top line): 6 to 1

Numbers 6 (Online): 5 to 1

External table

Red and Black: 1 to 1

Odd or Even: 1 to 1

Low or High: 1 to 1

Dozen: 2 to 1

Column: 2 to 1

Reno Casino Owner Bill Graham

William Bill Graham was born in San Francisco in 1888. As a man looking for adventure, he passed through several mining and saloon towns like Nevada’s Virginia City and Gold Hill but settled down in Millers, where he sold stock for George Winfield and others. He did well but found what he wanted when he reached Tonopah in 1915.

Graham loved the town and its Casino Athletic club which had a boxing ring and workout facilities. Goldfield and Tonopah had featured boxing matches like the Joe Gans and Oscar Nelson fight Graham read about as a boy, and he found plenty of boxers plying their trade in the mining towns. He was there when future Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey fought Johnny Sudenberg on June 13, 1915, and had no intention of leaving anytime soon.

George Wingfield, former resident and now Reno socialite, asked Nick Abelman to put Graham to work at the Tonopah Club and make him a partner. Nick obliged. Graham took quickly to the faro and poker games, and Graham turned out to be as tough on the drunks and cheats as the boxers were on their lesser opponents, but he had other qualities too, such as a long list of friends who could provide favors.

When prohibition was passed, Abelman and Graham took advantage of his friends in Millers, stocking years worth of booze in the small town. According to the book, The Roots of Reno, in 1919 they were stopped on their way back to Tonopah from Millers by Capt. Hendricks and two State police cars filled with officers. They were arrested and driven to the town where the men were arraigned before the acting Tonopah Justice, who released them on $1,000 bail. Abelmans lawyer worked the case for months, eventually drawing a reprimand and a $2,000 fine per man.

Finding a Path to Reno

Nick Abelman was older than Graham, and Bill spent more time with fellow worker Jim McKay at the casino. They would eventually become best friends and business partners after selling their shares in the casino, Grahams 20 percent to G.T. Osborne and Chet Carpenter, and moving to Reno at the behest of George Wingfield.

In 1922, Graham traveled to Chicago to see his brother Roy catch for the Chicago White Sox. Roy had a short career but batted a fine .296 Brother Bill was still more interested in boxing, and became friends with Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey when he was in Reno to establish residency to file for divorce.

Dempsey would become a partner in the boxing concession and casino at the outdoor arena built in 1931 at the Reno Race Track. Together they promoted the Max Baer – Paulino Uzcuduno fight and the Max Baer Kingfish Levinsky fight.

Graham and McKay were very successful in Reno, and Graham learned early to grease the wheels and beat down those who questioned his right to do as he pleased. The partners took over The Stockade, the local red light district, and took their profits and purchased The Willows, a recently closed roadhouse, in 1922, for $40,000. The partners updated the facilities at a cost of nearly $160,000. The casino allowed customers, men and women alike, to spend hours playing roulette and blackjack in formal surroundings. The Willows was the most successful casino in the Reno area until a fire devastated the property in 1932.

By that time, Graham and McKay were running Renos most successful business, the Bank Club, with Ray Kindle. Located at 239 North Center Street, the casino sported craps, roulette, 21, faro, hazard, keno, slots, and three poker games. Bill Graham had been a driving force in getting the open gaming law passed. Always a snappy dresser, he wore suits with vests, silk ties, and always a hat on his head, as was the custom for most men at the time. However, Bill wasn’t against wearing a cowboy hat with his suit on occasion.

Open Gaming Passes in 1931

To get the gaming bill passed, Graham smooth-talked legislators, spoke to councilmen, called in old markers (of which there were plenty), and forced his will on those who hesitated to support the effort.

Graham and McKay also owned the Cal-Neva casino at North Shore Lake Tahoe, a very successful operation that attracted movie stars and high rollers during the Lakes summer months. And, Bill and his partner had taken to running a series of money laundering operations at clubs like the Rex and the Haymarket, two of their Reno casinos.

Access to Wingfields Riverside Bank allowed the pair to help swindle gullible travelers out of their stock certificates, and launder money for gangsters like Alvin Karpis, who had $100,000 reward money from the famous Hamm kidnapping.

Graham also put Baby Face Nelson to work as a driver and housed him a block from his own home on California Avenue in Reno. Always an easy touch, Graham traveled often to San Francisco to take in the fights and was known to buy drinks at the bar for everyone, often leaving enough cash to cover bar-owners rent for an entire month.

Graham and McKay were indicted for mail fraud after several swindlers were caught and ratted-out the Reno partners. Roy Frisch, the Riverside Bank manager who authorized money transfers for Graham, went to New York to provide depositions about the transfers. According to several sources, including

The Roots of Reno, Baby Face Nelson kidnapped Frisch before shooting and burying him at a sprawling ranch owned by George Wingfield.

Prison Awaits

In 1934, Graham and McKay were arraigned on charges of using the mail to defraud and eventually spent seven years in Leavenworth prison. President Truman issued them full pardons. Graham sold his share of the Cal-Neva at Lake Tahoe soon thereafter, but retained his ownership of the Bank Club in Reno with a partner from Chicago, John Drew, until sold in 1955 for $425,000.

Graham continued to attend prize-fights in San Francisco, often scouting upcoming boxers and arranging managers for them. Even when he was older, Graham would be ringside, in the best seats in the house, encouraging his boxers. He would often stand, ducking, jabbing and punching right along with the men in the ring. It kept him young and active, even into his seventies. He passed away November 5, 1965, at his home on California Ave. in Reno.

Rhode Island Casino Beginning 24 Hour Gambling This Weekend

Rode Island lawmakers have been debating a new extended hours gambling Bill for a while now. After the governor of the state, Don Carcieri vetoed the Bill on Monday, lawmakers quickly struck back.

Both the House and the Senate voted to overturn the veto, which means that the states two casinos will now be able to be open around the clock on weekends and holidays. They will also be allowed to be open until 3:00 A.M. during the week.

One of the casinos, Twin Rivers in Lincoln, has already begun preparing for twenty-four-hour gambling, which will come this weekend. The casino will soon be announcing promotions that will start at 2:00 A.M. on Saturday.

The new Bill will have a year to prove that it is worth expanding the casinos’ hours. The current Bil expires in June of next year, and lawmakers have until then to decide whether or not to renew or extend it.

Lawmakers overturned the governor’s veto because of the financial strain that is currently on the state. The revenue that will be generated by expanding the two casinos’ hours will go a long way in helping with a $568 million budget deficit.

Newport Grand, the other casino in the state is not moving as quickly to take advantage of the extended hours. They claim they will meet with city officials before they make the move to round the clock gambling.

Gambling Arrests In New Jersey Linked To Organized Crime

Police agencies have been doing their best to stop organized crime as of late. On Thursday, another twenty-three people were named in an indictment that came down in Newark, New Jersey.

Organized crime has had a place in the history of New York and New Jersey for a long time. Police agencies have been working hard as of late to ensure that they put a dent in the families of organized crime.

The latest episode came on Thursday when an indictment was unsealed that names twenty-three people and had several crimes listed such as gambling, labor corruption, and racketeering. Not all of the people named were arrested, but most were rounde4d up by police officers.

Several of the people had ties to the Gambino crime family, including Andrew Merola, who according to the indictment was, “one of the Gambino crime family’s highest ranking members in New Jersey.” Charles Muccigrosso, also alleged to be a Gambino member, was also arrested.

Martin Taccetta was arrested in the sting. He was allegedly a former Lucchese family underboss. Police gathered information about the illegal activity through wire and automobile taps.

Others arrested included several members of various unions. The charges involve illegal gambling, labor racketeering, loansharking conspiracy, wire fraud, extortion, and illegal gambling.

The gambling operation was run using a toll-free number, and involved sporting events and casino games. Agents that were being used to run the operation were also arrested on Thursday.

Responsibilities of Both Online Gambling Operators and Online Gamblers

Online gambling is becoming the most preferred form of gambling which makes gambling entertainment highly accessible and convenient. While there is no standard conducts defined that online gambling operators and online gamblers must observe with online gambling activities, both parties must define an appropriate conduct to follow as their own responsibility.

This is an effort that both parties must exert in order to promote a safer, more satisfying and hassle-free online gambling operation and activities. Online gambling operators need to promote their online gambling site in order to gain the confidence and trust of their playing clients through proper conduct on their operation.

Among the responsibilities of online gambling operators includes giving priority to providing complete enjoyment to their playing clients by providing them a reliable and full line of quality gambling activities by using high-quality gaming software. It is also their responsibility to provide a secured online gambling environment by employing the highest standards of security measures on their online gambling sites.

Moreover, it is also the online gambling operator’s sole responsibility to make their gambling business legally licensed and to establish a fair gambling policy. Online gambling operators must also observe the proper conduct to advertise promotions that are not founded on false promises that are misleading to their clients.

They must not also fall short in providing their playing clients prompt and reliable customer support in case their clients experience any trouble with their online gambling site. Such support must be round the clock customer service to satisfy their paying patrons. Gambling operators must also exercise a policy of processing their player’s withdrawal request in a timely manner.

Online gamblers, on the other hand, must also exercise their own responsibility of ensuring to play in a safe online gambling community where gambling activity is deemed legal. They should abide by the policy and house regulations of the online gambling site they are playing at and must provide the gambling site with truthful information when creating their account.

If there are issues that remain to be unclear to the online gambler, it is their responsibility to ask the online gambling site through its customer support service which is a necessary step to better understand the terms of playing at an online gambling site before committing real money to gamble. Furthermore, the safekeeping of the gambler’s username and password is the player’s responsibility and they must ensure to keep it safe and confidential.

Recognizing these responsibilities of both the online gambling operators and online gamblers will promote a more orderly, safe and hassle-free online gambling environment which is ideal for the online gambling industry.

Republicans And Democrats Align To Stop Gambling In Florida

The state of Florida is in a peculiar situation when it comes to expanded gambling involving the Seminole Indians and their casinos. A compact needs to be completed, but legislators, both Democrat and Republican, are putting personal interests in front of the good of the state.

Governor Charlie Crist is inciting some of his fellow Republicans by crossing party lines and lobbying for the completion of the Seminole Indians casino compact that he originally signed back in 2007. The conservative Republicans do not want any form of expanded gambling in the state.

On the other side of the aisle, Democrats are saying thanks, but no thanks, to the governor. They are supportive of expanded casino gambling in the state, but cannot go along with the compact because many of the Democrats in power in the state have ties to South Florida’s pari-mutuel tracks.

This has made the business of completing the compact with the Seminoles an almost impossible task. If the compact, as written, was put in place, the Seminoles would have had blackjack and baccarat exclusively to themselves.

Democrats will be lobbying that if a compact with the Seminoles is signed, that the exclusivity part should be taken out. If that is achieved, then they can begin to lobby for pari-mutuels to also be allowed the Las Vegas table games.

Republicans do not like either of these outcomes, so they are fighting to have no compact and no expanded gambling laws. That would leave them searching to replace the millions of dollars that would be lost from additional gambling revenue.

For the first time in a long time in the state, Democrats and Republicans have come together for a common cause. The irony is the common cause is the compact, something that could pump millions into a floundering state budget.