Part of holding ourselves accountable to our clients is realizing our limitations. We know metal. That is our genre of choice and promoting metal music is what the label does exclusively. That being said, non-metal acts may not be able to benefit as much as bands that play metal. We can certainly set aside some time to talk and will be able to offer something tangible, but we do not want to promise the world and then not deliver. It is not good business, and it would not be the best use of your money. Metal bands will find our list of services to be just what they are looking for.

On the right is a list of services that we can provide to artists who are learning this crazy business as they go along. Spread the Metal Records will design a package that suits the individual needs of you, the artist. Peruse the following list and then follow up with us about how you would like us to help.

The Services

- Basic/Advanced Industry Consultation
- Maximizing Your Online Presence
- Digital Storage and On-Demand Distribution
- Promotional Content Writing (Inc. EPKs)
- Mailing and Tracking of Promo Albums
- Business Etiquette Training
- Time Management Consultation

Prices will vary from project to project but everything goes through you first and we will not start on anything until it is approved by you, the client. As well, full right of inspection applies to everything we do on your behalf. That means that you will have access to everything we have access to as it pertains to your career.

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