Spread the Metal Records is an artist-oriented label. We recognize the commitment of all those who have signed with us and those who continue to support us in other ways. A label is only as strong as its artists, and indeed the job of the record label is to create an environment where they can pursue their artistic vision. That means giving straight answers, holding ourselves accountable, taking responsibility for our mistakes, and recognizing our own limitations. We believe in every release that we put out and we have more respect for the fans than to expose them to a sub-par album. We demand the best from ourselves, and so we can't accept any less from the bands that we represent.

If you are interested in working for Spread the Metal Records, then by all means send us an email and we will give you an idea of what will be expected of you. Opportunities include everything from booking shows, to handling promotion and the daily duties of the label. It's not all glamorous, and some of it is downright difficult, but our best advice is to never let anyone tell you that something can't be done or that you're not good enough. They're wrong.

President/Founder: Matt Day
Publicity: Asher Media Relations (NA) and Gabriel Management (Worldwide)
Distributed by: 24 Hour Distribution (24 Hour)
Web Designer: Erika Tran (Airee Design & Photography)

What the Future Holds

Our vision for the label is to positively affect as many lives as possible. This can take the form of reaching them with metal, empowering them in a variety of ways or by improving their communities. Philanthropy is a huge part of what Spread the Metal is about and our aim is to make people care about the well-being of others.

With the support of our talented artists, management team and partners, there is no limit to what Spread the Metal Records can achieve. There is nothing stopping us from becoming a major player in the world metal scene, but also from bringing about real changes in the quality of life of others.

Our Standard of Ethics

- Our bands retain creative control of their music. The label has no place in telling the artist what they should write about or how they should sound. We offer suggestions and advice all the time, but the artistic vision is the responsibility of the artist.

- The label has an open door policy with respect to our bands and their relationship with Spread the Metal is one of cooperation. That means sales figures and statistics are always available to the artists upon request and our bands always receive a straight answer.

- Work ethic is valued above all else. We don't put out lousy records and we certainly don't waste time that could be spent promoting our releases. The same is expected from our artists. When you outwork your opponent, even a boxer with less skill has a chance to win. The label's founder has broken his nose enough times in the ring to know all about it!

-The music business is a volatile place full of empty promises and unreasonable contracts. It is for this reason that to stand out, courtesy and professionalism go such a long way. When you treat people with courtesy and deal with them in good faith, great things will happen.

- A social conscience is vitally important. To say that money means nothing to us would be an exaggeration since we all work very hard to keep the label solvent and profitable. That being said, if you do nothing to help other people, all the money that one can accumulate will mean nothing. Many people frankly don't care about helping others. It is the job of Spread the Metal to inspire them into action. How can we accept that we have so much and other people have so little? People SHOULD care, and if they don't, we will make them care.

- At Spread the Metal Records, we never let anyone tell us that something can't be done. We take constructive criticism and helpful advice, but we are above those who only criticize. Take a lesson from us. You can do anything you want to do. Sometimes you just have to make it happen. Perhaps most importantly, never be afraid to take risks. The people who never take risks lead the most BORING lives.

Please direct all inquiries to the addresses below. If you ask for a response, you will get one. It is hoped that answers to most questions can be found on our submission guidelines page, but if not, feel free to drop us a line.

President - Matt Day
Email: info@spreadthemetal.com
Phone: 902-830-2829

Office Address:
46 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3A 3T4

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Spread the Metal Records
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Telephone: 902-830-2829
Email: info@spreadthemetal.com