Don't think that STM Records is heavy enough for ya? We are renewing our commitment to bringing you, the fans: the most brutal, technical, and thunderous bands that inhabit the earth. Banisher meets all those criteria and then some. They are a label's dream: heavy, technical, they TOUR (Oh my god, we can't tell you how important that is), they do it for the fans, and consistently bring down the house. Any and every house. Maybe even your house.

Your instant love affair could begin with their newest LP, Scarcity, or you can dig into their older material. Right now, the band is giving away their first full length, Slaughterhouse, completely for free! You can download it below; links are provided.

These days, when people buy less and less music, bands scrape together every penny they can. Banisher on the other hand, has so much confidence in their abilities, that they just want you to hear the album for yourself. STM Records stands behind Banisher 100% as well.

PLEASE REMEMBER: That STM Records has also partnered with Unquiet Records for the release of Banisher's
"Scarcity" globally. Be sure to find them on Facebook, show your support by giving them a "Like" and
helping us, to help them spread the metal. We're all in this together.

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Slaughterhouse (FREE DOWNLOAD - WHOLE ALBUM!!!)
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Black Blood

Blasphemy Reborn

Melfort, Saskatchewan has produced some of the most evil sounds on the planet, and they come almost entirely from Blasphemy Reborn. Inspired black metal assaults your ears and threatens to destroy your innocence. This is the aim of the members of Blasphemy Reborn, and each member possesses the tools to do so.

The first full length album, "Cast Out of Heaven", made waves in the local metal community and the band played over 75 shows in support of it in the span of a few years. Their new album, the masterfully crafted "Apotheosis" is set to outdo the first and will be made available by Spread the Metal Records, a leader in extreme metal.

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Cast Out of Heaven

Fallen Joy

Rarely does a band arrive with such an impressive debut, such as was the case with Fallen Joy. One of the hardest working bands in France, their efforts have not gone unrewarded since their positively stunning EP "Order to Die" caught the attention of Spread the Metal Records.

This is melodic death metal in its purest form and simply spectacular for fans of Amon Amarth, Stratovarius and Gorgoroth. The material has already been recorded for a follow-up full length album, also set to be released by Spread the Metal Records in 2013.

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Seeds of Tyranny
Order to Die

Kadaver Dolls

Spread the Metal Records has really outdone themselves this time. Kadaver Dolls is what heavy-hitting labels are made of. They're a melodic metal band from Venice, Florida with a massive stage-presence and equally crushing recorded material. No neck is safe from Kadaver Dolls and their aggressive, unrelenting assault. That's possibly the most overused phrase in metal, but you can be goddamned sure that it applies here.

You can look out for their first full length coming soon from Spread the Metal Records, but in the meantime, there's more than enough material available through their Facebook page to keep your neck cartilage spinning until then. Our personal favorite is "Tear Me Down", but "Genocide" is not without its charms!

It's incredibly exciting to be involved with a band like Kadaver Dolls, just at the beginning of their careers, and ready to hit the road hard and heavy. They were an absolute staple at The State Theatre in Florida, where event
booker J-Rock Staffieri had unwavering belief in their abilities. He still does, and now so do we! Now Go Forth
and Spread the Metal!

Official Website:

Kadaver Dolls


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Traditional heavy metal just sounds better when it comes from Canada, as evidenced by the phenomenal Sanktuary, who never fail to please the senses. Their live show is unequaled by many and topped by very few. Enthusiasm for their music is one of the best things that this young band has going for them and they have every reason to be confident in their abilities.

Their second EP, Black Magic Brew, was simply sensational. Inexplicably, Sanktuary doesn't feel as though this effort highlighted their best work. It just doesn't make sense why they would feel this way, but this gives us every reason to be waiting on pins and needles for their follow-up full length album! Look for it in 2013!

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Raise the Flag
Death Dealer


Hailing from the often-overlooked region of Israel (Tel-Aviv to be precise), Whorecore has made it impossible for themselves to be ignored. They are grind-core/death metal giants and Spread the Metal Records is extremely proud to be working with an incredible band with such limitless potential.

The new album, Headless, comes out in 2013 through Spread the Metal Records and it could do some serious damage. Don't trust record labels when they tell you that their releases are phenomenal, but no one can blame you for making an exception just this once. This is heaviness, this is passion, this is anger, this is inspiration, and this is dedication. Expect nothing less.



Headless (Full Length) Hitting stores in 2013!

Whore Baby
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