We welcome submissions from bands representing all sub-genres of metal and we personally love being exposed to new bands that we never would have heard of if we didn't run a record label. There are a few ways in which to get your music from the studio, all the way to our ears. The best way is to send your album to the office here in Canada.

There are also some FAQs concerning our online store right here below. We have a pretty decent release schedule for 2013 so check back often and see what's available!

Online Store FAQs:

Q: Can I buy from Spread the Metal Records without a credit card?

A: Yea, for sure! Simply send us an email telling us how you wish to pay (Cash, Cheque, Money Order), along with which album(s) you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Faster than possible actually! As well, if you live in the Halifax area, one of us here at Spread the Metal can drop your order off to you personally and save you some shipping costs.

Q: Why do I need an account for the online store?

A: Well that's a funny story. Actually, it's not so much funny as it is long...Signing up basically allows you to track your orders with us and helps to prevent any mistakes in the ordering process. It's pretty fast to sign up, and you only have to do it once. As well, we don't store personal info or anything like credit card numbers.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Spread the Metal exclusively uses Canada Post and they have been very good to us. We have it divided into three zones (1. Canada 2. USA & 3. International). If you live in Canada, shipping for a single CD is $3.00, in the USA it is $5.00, and $8.00 internationally. Otherwise it goes by weight, but Canada Post is very inexpensive and also very fast!

Note: If your question was not answered here, email Spread the Metal and we will answer you!

Submission Guidelines / FAQs

- All physical submissions should be sent to the mailing address below, along with perhaps a brief history of the band, and anything else you feel appropriate to bring to our attention. This could include recent good press that your band has received, any awards accumulated, playing history, or anything else you think would put your band in a good light and make the submission more attractive to the label.

- Generally what we are looking for when we scout a new band is at least 3 songs which highlight some of your best work, a well-written bio, signs that you are active in the metal community and have an interest in growing as musicians and take your work seriously. These things take time, and if you don't have this yet, by all means come back to us when you have something substantial prepared.

- Expanding on the previous subject, every submission to the label will get a response, one way or another. One of the most disrespectful things that one can do in the business world is to ignore emails. Every band that takes the time to check out the label, prepare an EPK etc, deserves to get a response. It's entirely possible that your email might get lost in the shuffle, so if you think that's what happened, send it to us again!

- While we wait to launch our own booking agency, we work in tour management and booking through Spread the Metal. Publicity and tour booking is something we offer to bands, even ones not signed to Spread the Metal. Details are available on the Artist Development page.

- Metal mags looking for an interview with one of our bands (or all of them), send us an email at info@spreadthemetal.com and of course we will set something up.

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