Take action! That's the only way to get anywhere in life, and one of the only ways to get your music heard by Willpower Entertainment. To help you make the most of your submission to our label, there are some (hopefully) helpful guidelines set out below. Please take the time to read them before sending us your music.

Submission Guidelines / FAQs

-All physical submissions should be sent to the mailing address below. Physical submissions will always be welcome, but an introductory email telling us to expect a delivery might be helpful too. Remember to keep it short, and highlight your very best work.

-Of course, we always accept submissions via email, and that address is info@spreadthemetal.com.

Things to Include:

*Brief history of the band, telling us who you are

*Touring history, schedule and availability

*List of awards/good press/etc

*Some samples of your best songs. We usually listen to between 1-3

-What we are looking for:

*Great songs and killer album artwork

*Strong touring history and desire to tour more often

*Well-designed and enthusiastic promotion strategy

*Clean website and social media layout that shows you care

*Even more great songs

-If we do not respond to your submission, it could be because we didn't get it, or because we just weren't interested. If you think it may have been lost in the mail, please send it again. If you think that we just weren't interested, start thinking about why that could be, and then work your ASSES off to create a more attractive submission. That means TOURING, it means PROMOTION, it means GOOD SONGS, and most importantly, it means EVIDENCE THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT SUCCEEDING. These things take time; ask yourselves if you have what it takes.

-Metal mags and other media outlets looking for anything from Willpower Entertainment, send us an email at info@spreadthemetal.com and of course we will set something up. We are also passionate about helping other people succeed, so please let us know what Willpower Entertainment can do for you!

Submission Info:


Mailing Address:
46 Mount Pleasant Ave.
Dartmouth, NS
B3A 3T4

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