Rhode Island Casino Beginning 24 Hour Gambling This Weekend

Rode Island lawmakers have been debating a new extended hours gambling Bill for a while now. After the governor of the state, Don Carcieri vetoed the Bill on Monday, lawmakers quickly struck back.

Both the House and the Senate voted to overturn the veto, which means that the states two casinos will now be able to be open around the clock on weekends and holidays. They will also be allowed to be open until 3:00 A.M. during the week.

One of the casinos, Twin Rivers in Lincoln, has already begun preparing for twenty-four-hour gambling, which will come this weekend. The casino will soon be announcing promotions that will start at 2:00 A.M. on Saturday.

The new Bill will have a year to prove that it is worth expanding the casinos’ hours. The current Bil expires in June of next year, and lawmakers have until then to decide whether or not to renew or extend it.

Lawmakers overturned the governor’s veto because of the financial strain that is currently on the state. The revenue that will be generated by expanding the two casinos’ hours will go a long way in helping with a $568 million budget deficit.

Newport Grand, the other casino in the state is not moving as quickly to take advantage of the extended hours. They claim they will meet with city officials before they make the move to round the clock gambling.

Gambling Arrests In New Jersey Linked To Organized Crime

Police agencies have been doing their best to stop organized crime as of late. On Thursday, another twenty-three people were named in an indictment that came down in Newark, New Jersey.

Organized crime has had a place in the history of New York and New Jersey for a long time. Police agencies have been working hard as of late to ensure that they put a dent in the families of organized crime.

The latest episode came on Thursday when an indictment was unsealed that names twenty-three people and had several crimes listed such as gambling, labor corruption, and racketeering. Not all of the people named were arrested, but most were rounde4d up by police officers.

Several of the people had ties to the Gambino crime family, including Andrew Merola, who according to the indictment was, “one of the Gambino crime family’s highest ranking members in New Jersey.” Charles Muccigrosso, also alleged to be a Gambino member, was also arrested.

Martin Taccetta was arrested in the sting. He was allegedly a former Lucchese family underboss. Police gathered information about the illegal activity through wire and automobile taps.

Others arrested included several members of various unions. The charges involve illegal gambling, labor racketeering, loansharking conspiracy, wire fraud, extortion, and illegal gambling.

The gambling operation was run using a toll-free number, and involved sporting events and casino games. Agents that were being used to run the operation were also arrested on Thursday.